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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mihail Galatanu in English

Mihail Gălățanu was born in 1963 in the Romanian city of Galaţi. He published his first book of poems,Stiri despre mine (News About Me, Bucharest: Litera) in 1987, his second, Scrîşnind în pumni (Keeping My Fists Tight, Galaţi, Romania: Porto Franco, 1993), six years later, and since then, the equivalent of a book of poetry or prose each year. Among recent poetry titles are Mormîntul meu se sapă singur (My Grave Digs Itself, Bucharest: Vinea, 2003) and, from the same publisher, Burta înstelată(The Starry Womb, 2005), from which these poems derive. Gălățanu was editor-in-chief of Playboy Romanian and a glossy monthly magazine, Flacăra; he currently edits a financial publication. (from Diode)

Deceiver's World

Mihail Gălăţanu

A Church of Chalk
(My Mother)
5. My Birth Is Endless

I never suffered claustrophobia. I never felt the least claustrophobic in my mother's womb. Neither lonely nor downcast. How can you feel lonely when you're inside another, a woman?
When another being takes you in, contains you?
At most, you can be
I never was a claustrophobe.
My life had a happy ending.
And my birth is endless.
(The entire poem can be read translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Petru Iamandi for Asymptote Journal)

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