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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Atelierelational - performing poetry in Bucharest, Romania

Atelierelational are weekly meetings that organized in order to promote the active involvement of the public in reading the poetic text.

It is now open to the public in Dalles Café in Bucharest, every Saturday at 17.00, since September 11, 2010.

A meeting lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Each meeting will have several guests announced in advance. Entrance is free, active participation is required but the involvement in the workshop is not compulsory.

Each meeting in introduced with video projections at the theme previously announced.

The moderator shall explain their relevance to the topic in question.

The public is invited to note the impressions in the Relational Workshops Notebooks and suggest exercises for the meeting.

The Notebooks are published monthly, including the theoretical and practical workshop guidelines offered to the participants and providing space for personal notes.

Each meeting includes a discussion about new book releases and various trends identified by participants in contemporary poetry.

A special emphasis will be placed on performing poetic texts. The public can perform free for each meeting, the only condition being to enlist 5 minutes before the beginning of any atelierelational session.

atelierelational [ar] is an relational poetics [rp] involvement

We will post here the description of each event

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