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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The atelierelational developes it's concept

Every Saturday at 17.00, Café Dalles (entrance by bookshop) hosted workshops, guest speakers, screenings, discussions and creative exercises. The last event in November this Saturday is the last in this location. The Atelierelational will be organised in December and January at Diverta Bookshop in Plaza

Which are the main directions of poetic creativity today, contemporary themes for poetry, what kind of relationship poetry keeps with reality, expressions of poetry in 2010 are some themes that our weekley meetings are relating to.

You are invited to participate in debates and to chose the next books of poetry to be published in late May 2011.

Since May 2005, Razvan Tupa coordinated the poetics of the quotidian event. Most of the 140 meetings of PoQ held by June 2010 took place in unconventional venues from Bucharest(Club A, Peasant Museum club, Other Side Club, Suburbia, S.A.L.T. pub). A series of workshops poetics were organised in Timisoara and Constanta in 2009.

Also in 2009 the first meetings of the poetics of the quotidian reached outside Romania in Prague and Berlin. In 2010, Razvan Tupa coordinated a PoQ projects in Chisinau as a mapping project of the Capital city of Moldavia.

Since September, daily poetics turns relational. The concept of the meetings is now devoted to opening up completely to general public through a series of weekly workshops. The new concept offers to the public the opportunity to participate actively both in reading and the development of poetic texts, but also to choose the most important enterprises in poetry today. In Romania, relational poetics is mainly a way of reading poetry.

Relational Tools

- Poetic action;

- Reconciliation of opinions;

- Debate;

- Exercise;

- Dynamic formulation;

- Investigation;

- Meeting;

- Game;

- Reading;

- Visual projection;

- Verbal repetition;

- Writing and its forms;

- Challenge the tradition of poetry.

The ar poet in residence is a programme dedicated to poets that can offer a 4 sessions project for 10 minutes presentations of poetry (his text and texts that he considers important for contemporary poetry)

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