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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eugen Suman' "Electric Bolts. "Shapes Beneath The Skin" on Lulu.com

The Romanian Poet Eugen Suman choose to publish the English version of his first book of poetry on Lulu.com.
You can preview one poem here

He prefers to publish himself the book and to watch the feedback without any other institution between him and the reader.
This is the debut volume of Eugen Suman, a young Romanian writer currently living in Bucharest. The book won "Ion Vinea" Grand Prize for Debut in 2006 and was nominated for "Mihai Eminescu" Grand Prize for Debut in the same year.
It was translated by Gabriella Eftimie and Laura Cruceru, two very talented romanian translators.
The book tells the hallucinant story of a young man torn apart by his inner conflicts, his troubles with the opposite sex and the heavy burden placed on him by The Dark City, Bucharest. In doing this, he touches the lives of everyone he meets, saving or destroying them. It's a poetry book with a prose backbone which I'm sure you'll very much enjoy.

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