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Sunday, February 04, 2007

re: the question of Miekal reguarding the visual poetry in Romania

"kinema ikon, multimedia workshop, is presently functioning within the Arad Art Museum, being a long-lived group in the field of experimental contemporary art, and having reached the age of 35 years, and still continuing its activity in digital creation.

Three distinct stages have been undergone: experimental movie (1970-1989), mixed media (1990-1993), and, from 1994 on, exclusively hypermedia works, on CD-ROM, on the internet, and interactive installations have been produced, both individually and as group works.
These three stages will be narrated from the subjective perspective of the founding member, nevertheless respecting scientific the rigors of a conventional study. In this respect, I had to choose between an easy to accept by a hurried reader summary, and the pressure of exhaustive treatment of the matter, the preferred modality in the world of research. Of course, an incomplete hybrid resulted, for which I already ask for apologies.

I emphasize the fact that the kinema ikon group / workshop did not function in a void space, but in a complex cultural-artistic context, particular to the period undergone. It is for this reason that, methodologically, I will respect, in all stages described here, what can be called the rule of the context.
Anyway, together with other segments of the catalogue, it is my hope that the reader interested in the contradictory field of experimental creation to correctly perceive the interesting story of an absolutely atypical group.

The Experimental Movie Stage (1970-1989)

Therefore, in a. D. 1970, in the town of Arad, in western Transilvania, a province belonging to a country called Romania, somewhere in central Europe, it took birth, around a hard core, a group of young people preoccupied with the idea of experimental creation. The chosen artistic medium was cinema, this inevitably leading to experimental movie.

The historical-social-political context was called communism, which excluded from the very beginning the possibility of founding a research center, while the legal framework admitted by the regime was that of a cinema circle, at the beginning within the Arts School / Arts High-school, and, later on, integrated into the structure of the Art Museum. The name we chose was Atelier 16 / Workshop 16, and the theoretical project initiated bore the name of kinema ikon, denominations which have come to overlap in the course of time. During the first years, the workshop’s activity was predominantly technical, being compensated with programs in cinematography education, of the cinémathèque type, following the French model, while the creative-experimental approaches were quite occasional.

For western readers, as well as for the youngest ones, an explanation is needed. The Romanian communist regime has experimented, for a quite long time, an educational system – from kindergarten to university – which combined the inter-war model with the West-European one. The effect was beneficial, having issued a generation of well-educated youths, known as the generation of the ’80s, from the fact that it is from around 1980 they began to establish themselves by literary, visual arts, musical, theatrical and cinematographical works, proposing a new paradigm of artistic creation, and a new approach to reality." from the kinema ikon website: http://kinema-ikon.projects.v2.nl/#
Now, this is the "institution" and these are some of the Romanian frelance developements towards visual poetry esthetics http://hyperliteratura.reea.net/?cat=9

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