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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poetics of the Quotidian: From "literatures in motion" to "republica poetica"

poetics of the quotidian

after 4 years

From literatures in motion to republica poetica

Initiated as an event intended to promote contemporary literature to a non-specialized public, the Poetics of the Quotidian become after 4 years of weekly meetings an original literary event involving its own idea over literature: relational poetics.

Until June 2009 event used the formula literatures in motion. Our aim was to present literature by the means of lve interviews and performances as work in progress and moving image of the author.

This year, the new format of Poetics of the quotidian is Republica poetica. Republica poetica is a project aimed to present the contemporary manifestations of poetry, it’s power and effectivness. Public readings, debates, live interviews are presented in the new format in order to present at least two guests for a meeting.

Each edition of the 105 of the poetics of the quotidian meetings invited writers to prezent their works and their positions regarding the most close actuality.

Most of these meetings were held in Club A, one of the clubs imposible to avoid when one intends to adress the history of Bucharest underground in the last 30 years.

A series of poetics of the quotidian workshops developed the concept of relational poetics in 2009 in Timișoara (Cărturești and Cartea de Nisip bookshops) and Constanța (Fishzila pub). This concept involves researching the poetic data and potential of any individual starting with writing exercises, elaborating poetic personal and general maps and interacting.

2005- I-XVI - 16 editions

The first season of meetings included inviting a writer and a music band on stage, reading, performance and a live interview on literature and poetic attitudes.

This first series of Poetics of the quotidian was appreciated as a public event open for non specialists.

Since 2005, The PoQ has become a habitual presence for the Bucharest literary display.

2006- XVII-XLII- 26 editions

In 2006, the “poetics of the quotidian” included visual pojects, different performances and experiments, being invited to bring colour to the meetings that continued to involve readings and live interviews.

Season 3 (spring) and 4 (autumn) created a real stir by bringing in club A many writers from all over Romania. Since 2006, The Poetics of the quotidian became a meeting point for fresh literature in display.

2007- XLIII-LVII-15 editions

In 2007, the “poetics of the quotidian” had guests who were less popular at the moment of their debate at PoQ. Gradually, the central aim of the meetings changed from dynamic presentation to a debate and oral presentation of the guests and, mainly, of the works that gathered the audience for this events.

Season 5 (spring) and 6 (autumn) managed to introduce many writers from Timisoara or Cluj Napoca in club A. For The Poetics of the quotidian 2007 was a hard year, the fact that we already had rised an interest for the meetings bringing the necesity of a more attentive selection of the guests.

2008- LVIII- LXXXIV-27 editions

In 2008, the “poetics of the quotidian” introduced guests that were already known as writers or cultural projects managers. The core purpose of the meetings of PoQ bechame more organic in using different means (artistic and technical as well) to present an eloquent side of contemporary literature.

In 2008, for the first time, PoQ was opened for writers who would decide to meet the public. For 10 minutes before the begining of the evening, anyone who would be curious to see the reaction of an audince, could sign in for 5 minutes of performing their own writing.

2009- LXXXV-CVI- 21 editions

After almost four years, the Poetics of the Quotidian transformed the initial efort of promoting contemporary literature into a scene for debating and presenting dynamic projects.

Contemporary writers answer to questions from the audience and present a personal aproach for their own work and for the poetry, prose and theories that had influenced their writing.

The new format of Poetics of the Quotidian include a section of open mic for anyone who would perform their own writing or the poems that are important for their development.

The tenth season of PoQ can be followed from here

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