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Monday, August 10, 2009

poetry. the power in Prague and Berlin

"poetry. the power" is an hour of interviews and readings with 24 new Romanian poets.

in September and October "poetry. the power" will be shown in Prague and Berlin.

24 young writers explain literature where it comes from and where it goes. Some may swear that prose is poetry's mother, others think it is a pyramid, a form of communication, or rage, a beeline for rock celebrity.

"poetry. the power" is a documentary that takes the pulse of Romanian contemporary poetry, of its public an its indecency: an hour with new poets and their special powers.

Constantin Acosmei, Şerban Axinte, Constantin Virgil Bănescu, Cătălina Cadinoiu, Dan Coman, Tudor Creţu, Sorin Despot, Cosmin Dragomir, Ana Dragu, Teodor Dună, Aida Hancer, Marin Mălaicu Hondrari, Marius Ianuş, Vasile Leac, Oana Cătălina Ninu, Florin Partene, Denisa Pişcu, Cosmin Perţa, Andra Rotaru, George Serediuc, Stoian G. Bogdan, Olga Ştefan, Adriana Teodorescu, Mihai Vakulovski
a movie by Andrei Ruse and Razvan Tupa

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