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Monday, June 11, 2007

Few Words about Contemporary Romanian Literature, Carmen Musat, Editor in Chief "Observator Cultural"

Since the beginning of the 1990, Romanian literature has undergone many structural changes. Few of the most renowned writers before the fall of the communist regime passed the test of writing in liberty, as one of the most frequent devices used by many of them – novelists or playwrights – was the so called “writing between the lines” that allowed an author to refer indirectly, through allusions and parables, to the social and political reality. That is why many of the novels written before 1990 can hardly be read and understand nowadays, since the context they depended on no longer exists. Yet novelists like Gabriela Adamesteanu, Norman Manea, Radu Cosasu, Mircea Horia Simionescu, Radu Petrescu and Costache Olareanu, as well as some of those who published their first books at the beginning of 1980 – such as Mircea Nedelciu, Gheorghe Craciun, Mircea Cartarescu, Cristian Teodorescu, Petru Cimpoesu or Petre Barbu succeeded in maintaining themselves in the public attention and continued publishing some of their major books after 1990. The essay continues here

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