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Monday, December 04, 2006

Links to and about Romanian Poetry of now and all times

An essay by Adam J Sorkin, one of the most important translators of Romanian Poetry in English, on Romanian Poetry in the second half of The XX-th Century:
“It strikes me that the concept of a fortunate fall is the best description of the major sustaining myth among Romanian poets during the communist period, especially during the quarter century before the December 22, 1989, overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu. His increasingly repressive regime had become, to use Norman Manea's description, "the most cruel and dark dictatorship" (Manea 4). Poets in Romania who wrote during these times of oppression frequently testified about the direct and indirect influences of censorship even at the very core of their work, more or less determining literary strategy and coloring purpose, content, and theme. Their belief in the ironic, covert benefit of censorship is not just desperate wishful thinking, making a virtue of what was black necessity. Rather, in the form of a belated declaration of a kind of hidden, inward independence, it is an interpretation of the secret to the high quality of Romanian poetry in its seemingly impossible response to the ideological constraints of the party-state. To many writers in the Socialist Republic, the fall into censorship occasioned a fruitful disobedience in which the poet, deprived by state policy of the paradise of free speech in the world about, believed he or she is compensated with (as Michael soon says to Adam before they wake Eve from her dreams) "a paradise within," to some poets perhaps "happier far" (XII. 587). (1)”. (from “The Literary Review” June 22, 2002)

Links for and about Romanian Poetry in English:

They call their hobby astropoetry. Poetry as a hobby for a Romanian group of friends


mIEKAL aND said...

Who are the contemporary Romanian poets & writers who are carrying on the avant garde traditions of Tzara, Janco, Isou, Luca, & Celan (to name a few). Anyone making visual &/or sound poetry in Romanian? Inquiring minds want to know.

Razvan Tupa said...

In a short time i will post some links to Romanian video-poetry.

Razvan Tupa said...

Alexandre Gherban is one of the founding members of Transitoire observable, one of the most important contemporary numeric poetry entreprizes. Here you can find more on Transitoire: http://transitoireobs.free.fr/to/

as well as a text by Philippe Bootz on the group:http://www.brown.edu/Research/dichtung-digital/2005/1/Bootz/