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Thursday, August 31, 2006

bodycount I

theme of the day in Ro: who was an informer for Securitate in Ceausescu's time?
The Union of Writers in Bucharest had a conference on this theme today.

The President of US complained that the securitate officers should be the first to fall... also he tryed to make a point by showing that the writers that feed informations on securitate should be old and nothing may punish them...

But who's speaking of punishment? It is only normal not to find the same people complaining that the state gives them too little money for magasines that exist only because of their tradition. But that magasines are today dead. You may publish there, you may read them (well perhaps is harder to read because of the old and static format they keep), but it would hardly matter.

I can't imagine any better begining for Romanian bodies in English that the Romanian Body of the writer who "resisted" by culture and informing notes to secret police...

somehow like Bush... he lied for Iraq... but he is right... at the moment:)

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